Menschen Bewegen 2021

Menschen Bewegen 2021

Menschen Bewegen 2021: Die Konferenz: Auf der Bühne Moderatorin Andrea Thilo mit verschiedenen Teilnehmenden sowie zwei zugeschalteten Gästen. Link öffnet in Lightbox Link öffnet in Lightbox Menschen Bewegen 2021 – Die Konferenz: Live-Musik von Kyekyeku vom Projekt Music-in-Africa. Link öffnet in Lightbox Menschen Bewegen 2021 – Die Lange Nacht der Ideen: Die Moderatorinnen Katie Gallus und Tarik vor der Bühne. Link öffnet in Lightbox Menschen-Bewegen 2021 – Lange Nacht der Ideen: Ebba Scholl vom Auswärtigen Amt im Gespräch mit Moderator Tarik. Link öffnet in Lightbox Menschen Bewegen 2021: Das-Barcamp. Auf der Bühne Dr. Andreas Görgen_Leiter der Abteilung Kultur und Kommunikation im Auswärtigen Amt. Link öffnet in Lightbox Menschen Bewegen 2021 – Das Barcamp: Ausschnitt aus dem Graphic-Recording zum Thema Nachhaltigkeit. Link öffnet in Lightbox Menschen Bewegen 2021 – Die Konferenz: Blick auf die Veranstaltungsregie mit einer Vielzahl von Computerscreens und technischem Personal. Link öffnet in Lightbox Menschen Bewegen 2021: Blick auf die beleuchtete Malzfabrik. Link öffnet in Lightbox

Project details

General information

In June 2021, the Federal Foreign Office’s three-part series of events “Menschen Bewegen” (Moving People) shed light on the foreign cultural policy of the past legislative period in all its facets. It brought together actors from a wide range of fields – from the cultural policy level to concrete funding projects, a lively exchange was achieved. Under the headings Divers. Digital. Sustainable., the program was designed by the participants themselves in the digital bar camps and the results were finally introduced into the conference.

After the barcamp and the conference, the event triad culminated in the Long Night of Ideas 2021, in which more than 30 selected projects were presented and interviews were conducted with partners from various parts of the world. In total, there were 24 live events with guests from three continents,six countries and four time zones.

The heart of the event was the Malzfabrik in Berlin, where Andrea Thilo led through the conference, Katie Gallus and Tarik through the Long Night in front of a historical backdrop.

A separate platform was developed for the presentation of “Menschen Bewegen 2021”. It enabled seamless integration of various services for video conferencing, networking and streaming, and an easy-to-use environment for digital participation.

The event series was accompanied by a social media campaign with specially produced films. Furthermore, a new development of the corporate design including key visuals for a unique and clear visual language took place, which was also implemented on the event website.

All videos and recorded livestreams can be viewed at

All photos courtesy of the German Federal Foreign Office,© Felix Zahn/Photothek.

mediapool services

  • Overall management of the project
  • Conception and implementation of the event parts and formats (The Barcamp, The Conference, The Long Night of Ideas)
  • Coordination with over 30 partners, program development and creation of a flow control for the implementation of the livestream
  • Attendance and guest management
  • Search for the venue and coordination
  • Custom website design and event platform development with integration of various services for video conferencing, streaming and networking
  • Steering the redevelopment of the corporate design, key visuals, and social media campaign and film production

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