Technical planning and logistics

Complex events need complex planning – mediapool has many years of experience and vast expertise in event and production engineering.

mediapool’s proven credo: Project management in one place – professional management from the first idea to the final production.

Idea, consultation, design

mediapool’s projects are always unique events. Customers share their visions and mediapool develops these into effective creative strategies, ideas and designs.

With our own extensive production facility, we have technical realization and functionality covered right from the start.

mediapool plans and creates in close consultation with its customers. This process is inspiring and focuses on getting things done – with positive input from both sides.

Complete realization

As a creative agency, mediapool represents the core values and economic interests of its customers in all key areas.

Beyond winning bids and billing, mediapool offers a complete range of services in technical event management and realization. With all services in one place, processes and competences can be co-ordinated effectively without losses in communication or time.

mediapool’s complete realization approach goes beyond design, planning, content and technical and logistics support – professional media production and budget management are also part of the package.

Content and artistic planning

Each installation, event and exhibition has its own creative identity.

mediapool develops visual designs, advises on content, manages the project and hires moderators, talk guests and artists.

Planning approval and safety concepts

Event safety is even more important in project planning than ever before. mediapool has specialized in this area having gained over 20 years of experience in planning major events.

mediapool’s engineers for event technology and management are consultants for internal and external projects in the preparation of individual safety concepts which comply exactly with venue regulations.

Mobile exhibitions

In the development of strategies, concepts and implementation of effective public projects and campaigns, mediapool can draw on its rich experience in implementing information events throughout Germany.

mediapool’s professional tour planning approach ensures that roadshows are successful. Finding the right event location and regional partners is a key part of this. mediapool has mastered many logistical challenges with tours lasting up to six months.

Exhibition and architectural models

mediapool has its own workshops which means that it can produce models for decision making for exhibitions, presentations, events and even complete fittings.

On location at Tempelhofer Ufer, mediapool’s professional architects, exhibition builders, stage technicians, model builders, joiners, metal workers, lighting designers, electricians, logistics and IT specialists work together to realize its complex projects.