Zertifiziert nach DIN ISO 20121 – Nachhaltigkeit

mediapool leading the way: International sustainability standards in the event industry. 

Since January 12, 2021, mediapool is the first company in Germany to be system-certified according to DIN ISO 20121 for Sustainable Event Management and will thus have a demonstrable, long-lasting and sustainable impact on Berlin as a Smart City. The DIN ISO 20121 standard was developed by the International Organization of Standardization (ISO) as an international sustainability standard against which sustainable event planning and implementation are uniformly measured.

This standard covers ecological, economic and social aspects in terms of sustainability within the company and along the entire (!) value chain of an event or our entire work profile. From the selection of suppliers to transfers and meeting venues to communication, this standard covers everything.

For comparison: the EU-wide recognized EMAS refers exclusively to the improvement of environmental performance within a company or buildings. For our analog, hybrid and digital events, this means that all interfaces and every service, from water and electricity to the entire personnel management, catering and sanitary facilities, are considered by us in a sustainable manner, specifically examined and continuously improved.

We are thus setting international climate-positive standards in Berlin as a future smart city.

Science and business – the joint path to a sustainable future
Thanks to the intensive exchange between science and business in this process, this is the first time that a company has been holistically assessed and thus system-certified according to ISO 20121. A courageous but indispensable step toward a sustainable future in difficult times.

Fields of action

  • Economic efficiency
  • Procurement of products and services
  • Occupational Safety and Health and Working Hours Act
  • Mobility
  • Venue and accommodation for participants
  • Communication
  • Handling water
  • Social aspects
  • Environmental Management
  • Energy and climate
  • Accessibility
  • Gifts and advertising material
  • Catering
  • Waste Management
  • European Eco-label criteria


mediapool bears responsibility for a social and sustainable economy at the location Berlin-Kreuzberg, in the warehouse Marienfelde and everywhere where mediapool is commissioned as an agency or service provider as general contractor or in individual assignment.

mediapool acts socially responsible towards employees, those directly involved in the planning and implementation of events and all interested parties.

mediapool acts according to the law and only works with partners who do the same.

mediapool goes new ways with energy to combine economic action with social action and ecological measures for customers.

mediapool works sustainable and qualitatively exemplary in planning, procurement, production and realization of events, exhibitions and fairs as well as decorations.

mediapool is open for innovations, for social change and for all social groups.

mediapool is fair in dealing with competitors, service providers and suppliers and towards customers. mediapool is transparent internally and externally.

mediapool, the company, all employees and all partners commit themselves to regularly check, evaluate and improve their actions and work.

Zertifikat nach ISO 20121

About the climate effect of mediapool

The CO2 emissions of our events are compensated by the climate protection organisation atmosfair and myclimate – shape our future.