Hybrid Conference of the „European Alliance of Academies“ (2020)

Hybrid Conference of the „European Alliance of Academies“ (2020)

Project details

General information

The first conference of an association of European academies took place from October 8 to 10 at the Akademie der Künste in Pariser Platz. 80 participants, 40 on site and 40 via live link, discussed a manifesto to be adopted jointly. It formulates the task of securing the European Union as a cultural project for the future and was presented at a press conference on October 10. The public could follow the program for 3 days via live stream on the project website, YouTube and facebook.

The hybrid program included keynotes, musical interventions, literary statements as well as discussion formats with all participants, on site and via live feed. mediapool accepted the challenge to let all actors, both live on site and digitally participate actively on an equal footing. For this purpose, mediapool designed and planned an independent room, light and digital image concept for each discussion and presentation format, in compliance with the organizer’s special hygiene regulations.

mediapool services

  • Creation and implementation of a hybrid room concept and transfer to digital
  • Technical planning and implementation of multi-channel live stream
  • TV-compatible lighting and sound as well as video concept for the presence event and live transmission including integration of interpreting technology
  • Creation of a control room plan for the integration of the analog and digital sequence
  • Implementation of the room concept in compliance with the organizer’s hygiene concept
  • Provision of the live feeds of the digital guests including help desk
  • Recording technology and direction for all signal sources and playout paths incl. image mixing
  • Live streaming of the program
  • Provisioning of mid-air recordings
  • Reach analysis of streams

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